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Jc Hgf Devesh Mehrotra

Friends, There is a hero inside each of us, ready to make a difference when others need our help. When you donate blood you are a hero, and you can get that feeling over and over again throughout the year. Think about how the people who needed those donations feel about you. You are, without a doubt, a hero to them. These heroes work unpaid and volunteer to give their blood, playing a small, yet necessary role in a mission that saves lives.

Matter for pride............... Jc Hgf Devesh Mehrotra

Name :Jc Hgf Devesh Mehrotra
Son of : Jc Hgf Prakash Mehrotra
Blood Group:A+
Age:29 Years Old
State:Uttar Pradesh
Contact No.:9695565558
Chapter :JCI Kashi Shiva




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