Donors Speak

I am a regular donor who normally donates blood on the occasion of my birthday or my daughter's birthday, else on demand. I am so happy that I have done a good job .Anil Sharma

I have donated blood more than seven times and have'nt had any problems due to donation.

Manish Malhotra

My experience has been Nice.

Praveen Tawar

I am healthy. Don't get worried after or before donating. You are saving a life with your blood.

Sanjay Dhandhar

I donated blood for the first time to my father, when I realised how much important it is to man kind.

Krishan Verma

I give blood because I know that somewhere someone will require it and it will be useful.

Sunita Wadhwa

Every time i get a chance to donate blood , I get excited. It is the inner happiness that drives me to donate.

Vijay Sharma

I would love to donate every 3 months all through my life.

Prem Ahuja

I have seen people struggling for blood. Run here and there when the blood is rare to find. My donation in some respect would help in alleviating this problem.

Ritu Yadav

What matters is the inner satisfaction that i get whenever i donate.

Shefali Verma

Look friends to be more practical and logical I would say by donating blood I am not losing anything but instead adding up new fresh blood.

Naveen Sharma