MYTH : Donating Blood often causes the body to iron deficiency.

FACT : People who are healthy with good eating habits can donate blood four times a year   at intervals of three months. It will not make the content of iron in the body decreases.

MYTH :  Blood Donation lowers Blood pressure.

FACT : This is not true. The fact that it takes one or two days to fill the volume of fluid in the body and three months for the regeneration of red blood cells to donate more blood.

MYTH : Taking full for a day after donating blood.

FACT : You can resume daily activities after donating blood regularly,but with a note:

1. Have sufficient drinking water or juice within 24 hours after donation of blood.

2. Avoid driving for next 2-3 hours.

3. Avoid alcohol for 24 hours.

4. Avoid exposure to sunlight.

5. Avoid smoking for 4 hours after donation.

MYTH : Blood Donation is painful procedure.

FACT : Donating blood is not painful at all. We felt as a tight sensation when the needle  pierced his arm.

MYTH : Blood donors make me feel stressed headache, severe vomiting?

FACT : The blood of donors can cause headaches and vomiting, if the blood pressure within normal limits before donating blood.

MYTH : Common in the hospital, Donated blood can cause infection.

FACT : Not true. A person should not be afraid of infection from blood donors.

MYTH : Blood Donation takes time.

FACT : False. The procedure for blood donors ranging from the register (registration) to   blood samples lasted about half an hour.